by Larksburg

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For this album Larksburg is

Brett Hanley
Rhythm & lead guitar//bass//vocals//lyrics//live Alesis SR18 drum machine//Casio SK-1 keyboard sampling on track 8

Cody Johnson
Lead guitar//Casio SK-1 keyboard on track 3

All songs written by Brett Hanley 2013-14
Recorded in Brett's house by Nik Clay in March & June of 2015
Mixed by Timothy Lindsay

Cover photo by Cody Johnson (photography/conception), Nik Clay (light painting), Will Wolfson (lettering), Alyssa Dalangin (edits), & Brett Hanley (posing/conception). Taken in Brett's garage.
The cover is a reference to this piece from "Srpnovánoc (August Night)" by František Lazecký.

Thank you everyone who helped make this album possible & to those who support the two of us (you know who you are)! We appreciate you greatly.
-Brett & Cody

*Bonus demos/alternate versions of songs come with every download from bandcamp!


released September 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Larksburg Sacramento, California

Brett Hanley
Cody Johnson
Dylan Johnson
Spencer Jordan
Nik Clay (not pictured)

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Track Name: Post
We can't bathe for one more day
waiting for water
my hair has grown too long
my hair has gotten to oily
I'll cut it off, mind not to cut myself

I will take off all of my clothes for you
and all of my sores will grow and burn
So now I'm the weak one to you
In post I will leave you alone

I'm not sad that you love her
I'm so happy everyone has each other
I'm so happy you kiss her in front of me
you don't treat me like I'm a child
Track Name: A Friend
It's okay if you want to move
I don't care if you're switching schools
but how am I to know if anything's wrong?
Should I just play along
and forget about it?
Cuz I'm not really losing you
just won't be talking to you
I won't be sitting next to her
listening to stories about her brother

I don't care what he thinks of me
but I know what he thinks of you
Track Name: You're Not Important
I watched you dine on those
who fled from you
I watched you dine on those
who led you to believe you were something
but you're not important anymore
Track Name: Ghost Growing Inside of Me
Is there a one? Where is the one?
Who will run and light the torch
Light the candle in my chest
light the candle but burn the rest
ware me down, ware me out

I've got a ghost growing inside of me
I sure don't feel dead
I feel my heart beating
but that never stopped anyone
from feeling lonely

Still I agree, there's a comfort in being alone
so tonight, I'm staying home
Track Name: Something Maybe
I know it sounded like I said how's it going
I really meant to say I've been missing you man
I may have said I've got to go
but really I wanted to talk about me, so bad

Dress warmer, you're making feel cold
when I'm just lookin' at you

Press my face back in the dirt
I don't deserve some people's sun
Track Name: A Friend II
You say you had a long day, well I've had a long year
you want me to understand you better
but it would scare me
like the shadows in my room
I don't know who they belong to
but I'll figure it out
now what's wrong with that?

You've got to try and relax
or I'll get awkward
and since I'm selfish I can't let that happen
I'm all right, are you all right?

Maybe I don't care enough
maybe I don't dream enough
maybe I don't think of the right words to say to you
You're drowning

I've finally figured out what I've
been doing wrong
I've been reaching out
for things I don't really care about
Track Name: Make It Work
I'm not gonna' fall off my banister
I won't cut a whole in my screen
jump out into the side yard
off of my window pane